In this studio class, we will be exploring phrasing and breathing through movement, using Schubert's song, An die Musik.

To do

  • Read the text and familiarize yourself with the word-for-word translation in the IPA resource. (McGill login required)
  • Sing through the song once. Scores with keys for high, medium, and low voice and provided here.
  • Listen to these two interpretations. Both feature the same pianist, Gerald Moore. (Fischer-Dieskau (196?) and de los Angeles (1957))

Things to consider

  • Note when each singer breathes. Would you have breathed in the same places?
  • Does the pianist change his pulse to accommodate the breath or lift of the singer, or does he seem to keep the tempo constant?
  • The score is marked in cut time (2/2). Are there any moments in the recordings where you feel the pulse switch into common time (4/4)?

To bring to studio class

  • For studio class, wear a pair of socks that you won't mind getting a bit dirty. I will suggest walking without shoes.

Bonus questions

  • Do you notice any differences in the piano interludes between each recording?
  • What does Moore's piano solo recording (1967) reveal about his own interpretation?

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